Panther (late 7.5cm) / Jagdpanther (8.8cm) Platoon (5x Plastic)


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The Panther G is the final model of the famed Panther tank. When Germany's tank designers revamped the old Panther A, they gave it a thicker, but more vertical, one-piece hull side to mate up with the superstructure of the Jagdpanther, and eliminated the driver’s direct vision slot.

The result was slightly stronger armour, but more importantly, was easier to manufacture. The new model retained the very long-barrelled 7.5cm KwK42 gun of its predecessor, which a year after its introduction was still a match for any tank in existence, penetrating 124mm (4.9”) of sloped armour at 500m. The strong front armour of the Panther G matched its gun, comprising 80mm (3.15”) of well-sloped armour plate. This was more than enough to turn the shot of any gun less powerful than its own.