Wargame Signature Starter - Basilean Abbess


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This special set that included 14 colors and a 28 mm scale figure of Kings of War by Mantic.

The tones are selected to paint the particular figure but also to increase our range of colors for painting any kind of figures.The 3Gen range is currently the most valued paints by painters all over the world. The formula contains pigments of high purity and high concentration to obtain more vivid colors and a perfect finish for any project.

The figure in the set represents a 28 mm scale Basilean Abbess to play Kings of War in the basilean faction or you can use in any other board game.

This set contains:

AK11004 Ivory
AK11028 Smoke Black
AK11037 Pastel Yellow
AK11039 Purulent Yellow
AK11123 Japanese Brown
AK11435 Field Drab
AK11127 British Khaki
AK11098 Black Red
AK11063 Brown Rose
AK11060 Sickly Pink
AK11050 Light Flesh
AK11067 Magenta
AK11177 Ducat Blue
AK11175 Sky Blue