Kings of War 2022 (Inglés)


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This Book contains all the rules from the Third Edition Rulebook, Uncharted Empires and the changes introduced in Clash of Kings 2022. It also includes all the updates and erratas for those books and combines them into one tome.

In addition, the Rules committee have been hard at work to deliver the changes we’d normally see in a Clash of Kings book

Siege rules make a return to Kings of War! Lay siege to your enemies and defend your fortesses.

New Ambush list building rules provide a new way to play at lower points values. Great for quicker games!

The fate of Pannithor is in your hands. Will you bring the continent to its knees in blood and fire? Or protect its borders from the forces of evil? Kings of War is the ultimate mass fantasy battle game and with this update Third Edition will be better than ever before.

The intuitive, easy-to-learn rules of Kings of War mean it’s possible to play epic battles with hundreds of miniatures in just a few hours. Hone your tactics without worrying about overly-complicated rules or removing individual miniatures when they die.

With Rules for Legendary Games over 3000 points there’s ways to play even bigger games! With Epic units, Colossal Titans and Rare monsters joining the fray