These are the questions that you, our clients, ask the most. However, if this document fails to resolve your question, you can write to the Customer Service email:

Are the prices of the stores and the website the same?

Yes. Both the prices of the website and all GoblinTrader stores are the same . It does not matter if you buy through the web or come to visit us at the stores. You will always get the best price.

Are the prices of shown with VAT included?

Yes. All prices on our website are shown with VAT already included. Inside the shopping cart you can see the VAT broken down if you need it, as well as in your finished order.

How can I pay for the orders?

You have several payment methods to choose from :

  • Bank Transfer / Account deposit
  • Paypal
  • Credit / Debit Card

How long does it take for an order to arrive at my house?

It depends if we have all the material in stock. Normally and since we receive the payment, in 48/72 hours you will already have the material in your house, but due to products that we do not have stock or to failures of the suppliers, this time can be extended. But do not worry, if that happens we will inform you as soon as possible to see if you want to change that product that we do not have or if you want us to return it to you.

How do I contact you?

You have several options, depending on whether you want to know the stock of a specific store or if you want to modify an order made through the web, for example.

How can I claim an order that has gone wrong?

First of all, we are very sorry if for some reason your order has not arrived as expected. To solve it, just write to the and we will solve it as soon as possible.

If I can buy a product, does that mean you have it in stock?

Normally yes, but some brands that have a high turnover (are replenished weekly) allow their purchase even if there is no stock in the stores. This is because the material that is not in stock will arrive in a short time.

There are also other brands that allow their purchase but that are On request or that are Pre-orders (sales before the product goes on sale). If this is so, it will be clearly specified on the product page. If an order has material in Pre-order or upon request, it will be sent once the material has been received in Pre-order or upon request.

If my order contains products in Pre-Order, will you make two shipments?

If in the order placed there are products in Pre-order (products that have not yet gone on sale), the order will not be sent until the products in Pre-order are available and for sale. No two shipments will be made. If you wish, you can cancel the products in Pre-order at any time so that the rest of the order can be sent in the usual way.