M3 Alexander Command Tank


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Few would contest the legend of this vehicle’s namesake, while even less would doubt that this is one of the most formidable battle tanks ever produced by mankind. Virtually every statistic of the M3 is off the charts – tonnage, length, girth, height, component count and cost were all records broken when the Alexander was introduced to much fanfare. Its size was such that it needed two rockable pairs of treads to ensure good mobility and prevent stranding over uneven ground.

Even military analysts at the time felt that the M3 was an unforgivable exercise in excess during peacetime and of questionable use in many tactical situations. The tank was the brainchild Gaius Li, the EAA’s Defence Secretary during the 2480’s. It is said that the government needed a poster child for military spending when fear of Shaltari attacks was at a 30 year high following the Shangri-La resort massacre incident. It had even been joked that the man had compensation issues due to his diminutive height.

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 1

1 x M3 Alexander Command Tank per blister
Length: 77mm
10mm Scale
Eight Resin components
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted