Scourge - The Jungle Devil


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"This alien nightmare takes to the battlefield in an Oppressor-type walker of unique design. This variant has never been reported in any other theatre, leading analysts to conclude that it is an individual personality, granted some singular modifications to suit its leanings. In the case of this creature, it seems to enjoy no greater pleasure than destroying enemy aircraft in ambush attacks. The usually anti-tank oriented Oppressor has multiple modifications towards this role including esoteric AA weapons and an elaborate (and no
doubt complex) active camouflage coating to the vehicle’s entire carapace. This second modification makes the Jungle Devil a truly dangerous foe as it can be rendered almost entirely invisible to all EM spectra when stationary. The notion that such a large construct can be made virtually invisible has been dismissed as a myth by troops on the ground, until they are faced with it, that is."

Rules for this unit can be found in Reconquest: Phase 2

1 resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with 4 unique Command Cards.