Feldherr Storage Box Dslb310 Empty


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This Storage Box is delivered without contents.

It offers space for all Feldherr Half-Size, Full-Size and Double-Size foam trays up to a maximum height of 310 mm.

The storage box DSLB310 is made of coated, double-walled cardboard. This makes it not only pleasantly light, but also very tear-resistant and stable. The attachable lid reliably protects the contents from dust and other external influences. With the appropriate foam trays, miniatures, game material and all other goods can be stored safely - and conveniently transported with the two plastic-reinforced carrying handles on the sides.

The boxes are delivered folded and ready to use.

For a more comfortable carriage over longer distances we recommend the Feldherr Transporter. The box fits exactly into the bag.

Inner dimensions: 560 mm x 360 mm x 310 mm
Outer dimensions: 590 mm x 380 mm x 320 mm