Empire Dragoons


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An elite cavalry force, the Empire Dragoons have managed to integrate modern technology with cavalry tactics to devistating effect. While the Dragoons are a limited force, this is only because their striking power is in high demand. Dragoons are largely independent, with every member having been drawn from low-ranking officer pools. This autonomy on the battlefield frees up the rest of the forces to do what they have been ordered while still ensuring the Dragoons can go wherever they are needed at a moments notice.

On the tabletop, Empire Dragonns are an incredibly fast melee unit. This makes them a great addition to any ranged company, as it allows them to intercept hostile forces before they can engage the Empire's gunlines.

The King's Empire stretches across the British Isles and includes strong presences in foreign territories such as India. Though it was originally the home of the Guild, the Empire has since freed itself from the yoke of oppression and now seeks to stand on its own. With the deluge over London and the onslaught of the Gibbering Hordes, the King's Empire has mobilized its forces and now heads to war.

The King's Empire utilizes its global presence and strength of arms to help shape the fate of Earth. Using well-trained troops and advanced firearms, the King's Empire will give no ground. An Empire army specializes in long-range firepower and cunning tactics to defeat those who oppose them.


6 Miniautres,
6 Bases,
Stat Cards