As we receive a lot of questions from clubs and associations to sponsor tournaments, competitions and events, we offer you as a guide, some guidelines when it comes to having us as sponsors.


We are open to sponsor tournaments of any of the games that we have for sale on our website, as well as painting competitions.

Our Contribution

Our contribution to the tournament or contest can be done in several ways:

  1. Prizes: It is the main incentive for which sponsors are sought. Normally and depending on the event and the organization of this we will provide direct prizes or purchase vouchers.
  2. Publicity: Virtual support to organize the event, publishing on our Facebook page the necessary information. A chronicle of the event (contributed by the organizers) with its corresponding photographs and videos is also published. They must be events of at least 40 participants.


The name of the web GOBLINTRADER.ES, as well as its logo, must appear as sponsor of the event in the publicity of this, whether physical or virtual, it should also be mentioned as a sponsor in the awards ceremony and, in general , in any act related to the event, either before, during or after the event.

Tournaments / Contests

The prizes can be direct, or a voucher on our website, depending on the percentage of the registration dedicated to prizes (which is usually 100%) we will establish with the organizer how to grant these, which can be:

  1. Equitable distribution: Each participant receives a gift of an amount similar to the registration price or a voucher on our website for that amount. The prize to the winner is small, since the amount of the inscription is spent on the gifts to the participants. In this way, the participation is encouraged but competition is less rewarded. So this modality is recommended for hobby initiation tournaments.
  2. Reward the winners:The money collected is destined for prizes to the winner or players according to their position, either as a direct prize or a voucher on the web.

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Example

  • Registration € 8 that are dedicated entirely to reward the winners.
  • 16 participants
  • The collection is € 128.

Our contribution would be an extra contribution to buy the prizes / redeem the vouchers. Our contribution is an additional 10% discount on the value entered for prizes. In the example of the Warhammer Fantasy tournament, raising € 128, the contribution of Goblintrader as a sponsor would be 10% with what the tournament prizes would be a total of € 141, in addition to free shipping to the tournament venue.

If the organizer decides to buy prizes previously, he would have € 141 to invest in GW products, where we usually have a 15% discount, adding our contribution would get a good number of prizes!

In the case of preferring vouchers, codes for virtual vouchers, each of the value chosen by the organizer with a value of € 141 as the sum of all vouchers, would be sent by email to the organizer. These vouchers do not expire, can be used for any product and enter the usual purchase rules on our website.