The Exiles: New Alliances


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Look at them, rats fleeing a sinking ship. Not one man jack of them worth my trust. Pah? Me, bitter? Young blood, I’m almost glad we didn’t win one over to our cause. Taking in a mongrel is a sure-fire way to earn a knife in your back somewhere down the road, if you ask me…

— Mallet, Mason’s Guild

In the aftermath Union’s collapse, the survivors broker shadowy alliances and arrangements with the Guilds themselves, offering their fealty in exchange for not only coin but also sanctuary too. To the teams they now join these figures are far from trusted, but their experience and ruthless approach to each game are valuable assets.

Yet not exiles all are unwelcome. To standing ovation, the First Lady of Guild Ball returns once more to the pitch, Honour’s commanding presence easily banishing any memory of the tragedy in her past…

Embrace the wandering Exiles - this set includes a ball, 3 Jawbone Trap markers, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Veteran Honour, Veteran Hemlocke, Veteran Minx, Veteran Decimate, Veteran Gutter, and Veteran Harriet "The Hat".