Fury - World War II Tank Combat


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Late War is just around the corner, and to help new players join the fight and to entice old hands to have a crack at a new army, we’ve developed two great-value, low-cost two-player starter sets.

Fury gives players the option to pick up and build a handful of Late War tanks and get them onto the tabletop as quickly as possible to try out the basic mechanics of Flames Of War.

- 1x Plastic Tiger (8.8cm) Tank
- 1x Plastic StuG (7.5cm) Tank
- 1x Plastic M4 Sherman (75mm) Tank
- 1x Plastic M4 Sherman (76mm) Tank
- 1x Plastic M10 Tank
- 2x Plastic Tank Commanders
- 1x Complete A5 Rulebook
- 1x FURY "Start Here" Booklet
- 2x Terrain Cards
- 6x Dice
- 7x Unit Cards