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Undead Wraiths (10)


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Wraiths generally take the form of a cloaked and hooded figure clutching a curved scythe, plucking the horrific image of death from the minds of those who look upon them. they are ethereal, insubstantial beings that are able to move ebsmffortlessly though walls at will, and weapons and arrows pass harmlessly through their ghostly bodies. nevertheless, their own attacks are deadly, causing death with every touch.
This set contains 1 plastic resin wraiths armed with an assortment of wicked looking weapons, and includes 1 mantic point.
Number of miniatures: 1
Product type: plastic resin miniatures
Unit type: elite unit
This set includes:
1 undead wraiths
1 mantic guide
1 mantic point
1 mantic bases
1 mantic case with protective foam

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