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Caja de Clan Wako + Mini KS + Clash of Katanas


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Fighting Hedgehog is proud to have partnered with Zenit Miniatures to provide ready to play warbands with a variety of troops for most of the lists in CLASH of Katanas. Our starter boxed sets combine 4 different troop types and a clan hero for your 25 strong CLASH of Katanas starter force! (All miniatures are 28mm, come unpainted and require assembly). A Wako force will be lightly armored given its profession, but very lethally armed. With plentiful access to arquebuses from trade with the Portuguese, Wako pirates can be dangerous sharpshooters. While veteran bandits will unexpectedly close-in to ruthlessly cut down surprised or disadvantaged enemies. And it will not be uncommon

to find landless Samurai aiding, or even leading these unruly bands, making them dangerous to even the most disciplined Samurai army!

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