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Caja de Clan Ikko Ikki + Mini KS + Clash of Katanas


89,95 € (impuestos inc.)
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Fighting Hedgehog is proud to have partnered with Zenit Miniatures to provide ready to play warbands with a variety of troops for most of the lists in CLASH of Katanas. Our starter boxed sets combine 4 different troop types and a clan hero for your 25 strong CLASH of Katanas starter force! (All miniatures are 28mm, come unpainted and require assembly). An Ikko Ikki force will combine motivated peasants and highly trained Sohei Monks into a ferocious battle force. And will intimidate their enemies even before battle with their Nembutsu chant. Early adopters of firearms the Ikko Ikki will also field larg units of Teppo followers and elite cadres of Teppo Monks to stop the heavily armored Samurai enemy!

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