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Military Lettering 5


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How to use:

Step 1: Prep the Model
First make sure your models base coats of paint have thoroughly dried. Overnight is preferred, but not necessary.

If the paint is not fully dry before you apply the vinyl stencil, some paint may lift off when you remove the stencil.

Step 2: Prep The Stencils For Use
Remove the stencil you intend to use from it’s backing paper. If there are bits of the stencil left attached that need to be removed, use tweezers or a hobby knife.

Very complex patterns like the lettering sheets or Elven tribal sheet would benefit from removing the negative areas of the stencils while still on the backing paper.

Step 3: Applying The Stencil
Our self-adhesive stencils have a certain amount of tack to them. This allows the stencil to stick and conform to various compound surfaces of models that rigid airbrush stencils would not be able to do. This allows for superior results with crisp paint lines and sharp detail. When applying the stencil,
patience is a virtue. Take your time to align the pattern properly.

Step 4: Removing the Stencil After Airbrushing
After airbrushing; when removing the stencil, a slow even pull is preferred. Peeling the stencil away too fast could potentially damage the paint job or tear the stencil, limiting the amount of reuse.

Step 5: Advanced Techniques.
Most of our stencils have various pattern sizes on the sheet. This allows you to overlap different size patterns and colors for advanced results.

Step 6: Play Jazz With It
You can also mix and match various different stencils to achieve unique effects. Our stencil line is ever expanding and there are dozens of ways to mix and match patterns for that custom look you desire.

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